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Welcome to Goldeneye Micropigmentation

Goldeneye is an Exclusive Micropigmentation brand with over 20 years experience.
We are world leaders in permanent makeup products, training and master classes.


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Meet the Goldeneye Team

All our trainers have years of experience in Permanent Makeup and have been intensely trained by us to be able to teach our unique methodology. They are passionate about Permanent Makeup and love sharing their knowledge with new students.

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Mario Gisbert

International Goldeneye Micropigmentation Director

Nadezda Derznikele

Supervisor for Research & Developmente

Debbie Clifford

Supervisor for UK, USA, Canada and Australia

Amparo Ortega

Supervisor for Spain and Latinamerica

Milena Lardi

International Supervisor of Scalp Pigmentation

Fátima Bahia

Supervisor for Brasil

Longina Kolesnikova

Supervisor for Russia and Baltic Republics

Raphaella Bahia

Supervisor for Brasil
Europe Map

Miriam Alcántara

Trainer / Spain

Natalia Negru

Trainer / Moldova

Liana Ivanova

Trainer / UK

Ileana Popescu

Trainer / Romania

Julia Rozgon

Trainer / Ukraine

Idith Gour

Trainer / Israel

Anastasios Vryonisa

Trainer / Greece

Nadia Levchuk

Trainer / Greece

Amalia Papadopoulou

Trainer / Greece

Orna Greidy

Trainer / Israel

Natalya Veynberg

Trainer / Russia

Natalia Puche

Trainer / Spain

Vad Júlia

Trainer / Hungary

Pablo Gisbert

Trainer / Spain

Cristina Pérez

Trainer / Spain

Elena Casado

Trainer / Spain

Sofía Terrón

Trainer / Spain

Tugba Bozkurt

Trainer / Turkey

Olga Sazonkina

Trainer / Russia

Natalya Koroleva

Trainer / Russia

Olga Solovyeva

Trainer / Russia

Jane Hargreaves

Trainer / UK

Ana García

Trainer / ES

Amalia Moreno

Trainer / ES

Jelena Zaitseva

Trainer / Estonia

Anna Zheleva

Trainer / Bulgaria
americaamerica Map

Viviane Vianez

Trainer / Brazil

Mª Inés Gómez

Trainer / Uruguay

The Best International Micropigmentation Trainers

Our Courses

We are the leaders in the world of Permanent Makeup thanks to high levels of our training system and teaching materials are recognized worldwide for their professionalism, creativity, originality, experience and proven scientific accuracy.

The Best Academy in the world

Certified Goldeneye Products

In our production facilities, we meet all the strictest European certification requirements in quality, safety and hygiene. Our technology meets the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and health protection. Our products and their manufacturing processes are certified and guaranteed, meeting all legislative requirements.

Research, Development and Love

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